Speak Hawaiian Place Names App Reviews

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Not what it appears

Should have read the other reviews before parting with my two bucks. Useless for my needs, which were to get pronunciations of common Hawaiian places.

VERY Limited

"Place names" does NOT include geographic places like Haena or Koloa. Their definition of "places" is something like "fragrant lane or path" useless when you want directions to Koloa and want to pronounce that correctly. Easy fix if they just add geographic places for the islands.


Wanted to at least try to pronounce things correctly when interacting with the locals on Kauai. Kauai isn't even on the list. Wish I had checked reviews first!

Very limited

Love the idea of the app But there's nothing from the outer islands ... I just moved to the big island and would love this app to help me learn to pronounce places, but they have nothing from my island at all. Hope they upgrade it so I didn't waste $2 bucks :-/

Too limited

There are more place names left out than included. Not useful at all for anyone on the outer islands. What is the correct pronunciation of Lihue? Not just a place, but an international destination.

Great idea!

I just got back from Maui and wish I'd had this app when I was there. I love that it pronounces the words for you.

Amazing & Helpful

A must have!!


A great way to learn the proper pronunciation of Hawaiian places. Helpful for both visitors and locals.

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